Ard Leferink

Ard Leferink’s background spans the field of Public Health, Health Systems, Business Process Management and IT.
As co-founder of Buurtzorg he experienced that a lot of traditional management thinking is useless.
Ard is still supporting Buurtzorg as Agile coach and he’s helping others to reinvent their organizations.

In 2006, Buurtzorg started a small nursing team in Holland. Within 10 years it became a nationwide leading nursing organization, serving 60.000 clients each day. Today Buurtzorg’s 9,000 employees operate entirely with self-managing practices and this with less than 50 staff people. In his presentation Ard takes you on his Agile journey. The secrets of the success, the challenges to overcome. With tips & tricks, do’s and don’ts. In his second case he will take us on his journey of a company that made the transition from traditional organisation towards teal(ish).