Boris Gloger

As the first certified Scrum Trainer Boris Gloger has filled over 5000 people with enthusiasm for Scrum since 2004. His Corporate Consultancy for agile consulting and training is specialised in agile organisation development. With scientifically proven methods – such as Scrum – management and employees alike achieve simple clarity when it comes to making changes to organisations, coordinating projects and developing products. You can apply such clarity immediately. And use it to lead yourself to certain success.Boris Gloger is the author of several specialist books on the topics of agility and Scrum. These include among others: Der agile Festpreis (The Agile Fixed Price) – Guidelines for really successful IT-project contracts, published by HANSER Verlag. The client portfolio of borisgloger consulting GmbH includes the Scout24-Gruppe, Ergo Direkt, O2, LV 1871, Bosch, Tui, Deutsche Post and Deutsche Telekom.

BGConsulting as a teal organisation. What is the path followed by BGC on their way to a teal organisation? Challenges, hurdles, culture, communication, transparency, transformation, … will be discussed.

Note: TEAL, the blue-ish green colour, is a code used in Frederic Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organizations’ referring to a new stage in the development of human consciousness and of the corresponding organizational model.