Jaap Peters

Jaap Peters is an organisational expert and studied Business Administration (MSc.) in Delft at the Interdisciplinary Inter Faculty of Business (IIB). He is co-founder of ‘DeLimes | New Organisation’ which is located in Zwammerdam, The Netherlands. In daily practice, he calls himself an organisation activist.

He is a guest lecturer at several universities:

  • Nyenrode Business University (for the course Strategy)
  • Wageningen University (for the course innovation)
  • Utrecht School of Governance Organisation Science (for the course Introduction to Chaos theory).

How will organisations develop in the next coming years? The trend is clear. Less organisation but no less organising. On the contrary. More will be done in a hybrid (Agile) way; in a co-creative way. Two cases to illustrate: Stichting Familiehulp and voetbalvereninging zwammerdam. The latter financed their own artificial grass. In order to do this they used concepts like agile, tribes, autonomy, “rijnland model” and “leiderschap voorbij”. How can organisations go into that direction and how they are blocking themselves.